Review – Cheating Death


Cheating Death


The House of Marchese Saga #1


Sarah Reynolds


Reverse Harem


An Empath’s Guide to Hiding in Plain Sight
Let them approach first.
Keep your distance.
Get in, get out, and be forgettable.

I follow these rules until my hare-brained brother disappears alongside the chyld of an irresistibly handsome vampire. Grayson Marchese drags me into a new and dangerous world as his fake fiancée, but I’ll sit on his lap and wiggle all night if it brings Colton home.
Playing his mate? It’s almost too easy. Rescuing a venom-addicted jaguar with attitude for miles? All in a night’s work. Finding out I’m the fated mate to a huge cinnamon roll of a shifter? It’s certainly no hardship for this girl, but catching feelings for all of them? Well, that is unexpected. Now, if I can just convince the growly Alpha wolf that I’m more than just a pocket full of trouble.


3.5stars rating

This book was a tough call! The story itself is fantastic, and I loved the focus on healthy communication within the group (a refreshing change!). The relationships felt real and engaging, and there was a lot of potential to explore.

The pacing did slow down a bit around the 60-80% mark, but the biggest hurdle for me was the use of they/them pronouns for Xavier. While I completely support non-binary identities, in this case, it disrupted the reading flow for me. I found myself rereading sentences to figure out who “they” were referring to 🙁

Overall, the story is strong, but the pronoun choice might be a barrier for some readers (including me). That said, I might still give the next book a try – the story’s potential is too good to ignore!