Review – Broad Daylight


Broad Daylight


The Veiled World Chronicles #1


L.J. Rivers & Embla Storm


Urban Fantasy


Bodyguard Camryn MacKay goes to work like any other day. Except this isn’t any other day.
When her client is attacked on the streets of Berlin by a strange man with unexplainable strength and reflexes, Cam is thrown headfirst into the veiled world—a magical world hidden from humans.
As if these revelations weren’t enough, Cam discovers an unsettling truth: She’s part of this secret world. Always has been.
Tasked to figure out what really happened, she’s paired up with Leon, an empath witch.
As an unwanted attraction grows between them, they must figure out why a vampire is immune to sunlight before it unravels the fragile peace between the veiled factions—pinning werecats against vampires, with the witches stuck in the middle.
The veil has been parted, and Camryn never backs down from a challenge.


4stars rating

I really appreciate books where the main character isn’t aware of magic, or in this case: the veiled world. It means we get to explore and discover everything alongside our cast. And while that might sound easy, don’t forget that the author also needs to set the stage and keep the story moving forward. In my opinion, it was well executed. There wasn’t an information dump, but we got eased into it (as much as we could). While there is of course still a lot to learn about the veiled world, we knew enough for this instalment to unfold without any issue.

Character development:

I feel that Cam was in a position many of us would loooooved to be in… well, sort of. Finding out you’re part of the magic world you didn’t even know existed… yay!
I would say she handled herself pretty damn good 🙂 (I am trying really hard not to spoil anything here!) Camryn knows what she believes in, she knows her right from wrong and she fights for it. For me she has grown a lot during this instalment, maybe not as much in power, but more into herself, like she fits better in her own body.
Of course, we can’t help but thank Leon for a big part of that as well 😉 I really liked him and I hope we get to know a lot more about him in the next instalments.
All the characters (main and side) felt real and believable, they each had their characteristics and were a lot of fun (I’m looking at you werecats!).
I do have to say though (and maybe this is a tiny spoiler, I don’t know)… I really don’t like Stefan, there is something, definitely, off about him… hmmmmm…

Pacing & Flow:

This was actually really good. The book isn’t that long, though with all that was going on it never felt rushed. The story had time to tell its part and we were just along for the ride 🙂
Great balance between action and conversations.

The book itself:

The book was well written with no (noticeable) errors. The dialogues were sound, as were the settings. In other words, it all made sense 🙂
The book was 193 pages long, spread over 27 chapters and mostly told from Cam’s point of view.

Final Thoughts:

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book (courtesy of the author and Booksirens) and I was pleasantly surprised by this instalment! It had a lot going on, the characters were well fleshed out and felt believable and I felt part of it all. I’m looking forward to the next book!