Review – Blood Witch


Blood Witch


Phases of the Moon #2


M. Sinclair


Reverse Harem


My heart beat only for these men.
Any defenses that I had against these men were falling now that they knew the truth about my past—about the darkness that resided under my very skin.
After a ritual gone wrong, I find myself even more connected to them than before and embracing the intensity of what was growing between us and the strength it provided me with. Something I was going to need because the academy was becoming a very dangerous place.
When suspicion falls on me for the danger infecting the sector, I start to realize that my time at the academy may be short-lived and that this ‘fresh’ start I was hoping for could be a failed experiment.


4.5stars rating

What can I say? I love this series! Well, actually, I love all the series in this DIA world 😀

We start straight where we left off in Lunar Witch; honestly, it’s a wild ride. There’s tons of action, but the author keeps the story moving and throws in enough swoon-worthy moments with those crazy-hot guys (seriously, where do I find mine?). It’s a perfect balance, and it works SO well.

Even with a large cast, all the characters are well-fleshed out. They’re all unique and totally lovable (and, well, psycho). This book dives into Deva’s secrets and her journey to accepting these guys around all the time.

As for the villain in the story, well, we kinda know who is behind it if you’ve paid attention in the first book 😉 But then again… maybe that was too obvious, and it’s someone else? I can’t wait to find out! 😀

There’s some steam, but it’s not overwhelming. Plus, by the end, I have a whole new appreciation for cuddling!

Now, why not a perfect 5 stars? It’s missing that certain “je ne sais quoi” that made the first book extra special. I can’t quite explain it, and it’s something that is different for every reader, but hey, it happens.

Overall, this is a fantastic second book. Throw in the fun crossovers with the other series, and this one gets a permanent spot on my favorites shelf! I highly recommend this series!