Review – Blood Debt


Blood Debt


Kingdom of Blood #1


Callie Rose


Reverse Harem


I’ve dedicated my life to slaying vampires. Now I’m about to offer up my blood.

When my brother gets into some serious trouble with the Vampire Clan of Baltimore, there’s only one thing I can do to save his ass.
I’ll offer myself up as a blood tribute, infiltrate their underground palace, and find a way to get him out.
But playing the part of a simpering blood bag is harder than I expected, especially when my first impulse is to stake every vamp I meet through the heart. To make matters worse, I’ve somehow caught the eye of three different vampire men:
Bastian, an ancient prince with features as cold as ice and eyes that burn like fire.
Rome, a darkly sexy rebel who just returned from a hundred year banishment.
And Connor, a newly turned vampire whose lopsided grin is so devastatingly human that I almost forget he’s the enemy.
Even though I want to hate them all, they keep getting under my skin in ways I can’t explain. But if I let myself lose focus for even a second, it won’t just be me who pays for it. My brother will suffer too.
I’ve danced with the devil plenty of times…
But this time, the dance might kill me.


3.5stars rating

This book had been on my TBR pile for ages, so I was excited to finally dive in! I’m giving it a 3.5*

Overall, it was a fun and fast-paced read. I got to know Mikka pretty well – she’s fiercely loyal and protective of her brother, which lands them in very hot water this time around.

The world felt a little superficial – we didn’t get many details about the vampires or the setting. It wasn’t a huge deal while reading, but a bit more backstory would have been nice.

The side characters, including Mikka’s potential love interests (Rome, Connor, and Bastian), were interesting but could have used some more development. Here’s hoping we learn a lot more about them in the next book!

The plot kept me engaged, and the pacing was good, and while it wasn’t a mind-blowing read, it was entertaining and left me curious about what happens next.

Will I be rushing out to grab the sequel? Maybe not immediately, but I’m definitely interested in continuing the series eventually!