Review – Blindly Acquitted


Blindly Acquitted


Paranormal Prison #2


Katie May


Reverse Harem


The title “Queen of the Labyrinth” doesn’t come with a crown. It comes with a bright red target on my back.

There’s a hit list circulating the prison offering up large sums of cash for our deaths—me and all of my men. Assassins, serial killers, and murderers… They’re all coming out of the woodwork to collect their prize.
Even a queen and her kings can’t fight off an entire army.
Escape is our only option if we want to survive.No one has ever made it out of the Labyrinth alive, not with the deadly traps and cold-blooded monsters roaming the tunnels.
And if that isn’t enough, we also have new challenges to contend with—mysterious voices, a door that likes to disappear, and a new guy with interesting abilities trying to insert himself into our lives.
Either we die as shunned royalty…Or we die fighting for our lives. This time around,I think we might actually leave Nightmare Penitentiary in body bags.


4.5stars rating

I loved this series!! I think one of the best things were the inner dialogues… good luck trying to follow those, hahaha, but it was goood 😀
A well-deserved 4.5*