Review – Blaze




Dark in You #2


Suzanne Wright


Paranormal Romance


Defeat the enemy. Win the boy. Live happily ever after. But life “ever after” isn’t as easy as it used to be. Harper’s gone from being a member of a small demon lair to co-Prime of one of the most powerful lairs in the US with a mate who, though hot as hell, is just a mite overprotective – I mean, you get kidnapped by dark practitioners just once …
Then one of Knox’s demons goes rogue, and in his madness decides Knox Thorne must die. Harper’s worried. Knox isn’t – at least until he discovers his mate’s willingness to get between him and danger.
Now, Knox has a new priority: Keep Harper safe …no matter what it takes. But Harper begins to suspect there’s more danger than one rogue demon. It seems the combined strength of Harper and Knox has upset the balance of power in the demon world and there are those who are determined to right that wrong. Because when you move up the food chain, sometimes the other predators just want to take a bigger bite.


4stars rating

We jump straight back into the story only a little time after the events from book 1. I didn’t reread the last chapter of that book, so it took me a while to get back into it. Harper is the co-Prime of a large lair; women can’t believe Knox is taken, and then we have a demon going rogue and spreading a very interesting prophecy. I mean… bring it on! 😀

Character development:

This is an instalment where you see both Harper and Knox having difficulties relying on each other instead of only themselves. Their past did a number on them, which can really be felt.
Both grow a lot throughout this book, and I can’t wait to see where they end up!
All characters are well fleshed out, with a mind and agenda of their own (no ladies, Knox is truly taken, get your greedy paws off him!).

Pacing & Flow:

Smooth sailing from start to finish, with many things going on, but enough downtime to catch your breath (and think about getting a tattoo, lol).

Final Thoughts:

I forgot how much I liked the first book… why did I wait so long to start the second instalment?
Ah well, I thoroughly enjoyed it at least, and the rest of the series is now pretty high up in my TBR pile 😀 If you like a paranormal romance where there is plenty of heat but also has great characters, check this one out!