Review – Black Swan


Black Swan


A Demon’s Guide to the Afterlife #3


Kel Carpenter & Aurelia Jane


Reverse Harem


Everyone wants to be different, until they are. Take it from a true Heinz 57, being special isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
Especially when it sets off a series of events that will end the world. You know, the catastrophe I was sent to prevent in the first place.
Fate has a funny way of doing whatever it wants.
In trying to change the future, I’m now the catalyst for destruction.
I should have known it was a bad omen when I shifted into a white raven instead of a wolf.
Our enemies may be more powerful than we ever imagined, but I’ve got a talking crow and Bloody Mary on my side.
I have friends now—and family. Not to mention, one hell of a love life I have no intention of giving up. I would die for any of them, but that’s not the plan.
It’s time to see if I can stop this black swan.
Tick. Tock.


4stars rating

The final book about Fury and her mates is finally here. I had so much fun reading these books!


One thing I think is unique is a little recap at the start of the story. Hades gives us the deets we might have forgotten from the story so far, which prepares us for diving straight in again. And yes, we get right back in all the action from the get-go. All scenes and environments are well written and detailed enough.

Character development:

You either hate or you love Fury… I loved her 😀 As I’ve said in reviews of the previous books, she has a lot of humour, snark, knows when to compromise and when enough is enough. Yes, she’s tough, but she knows that even she can’t do it all by herself. In this instalment, though, we went a lot deeper, more personal.
If you compare how Fury, Ezra, Dorian and Roman act towards each other in the first book and now, you can really see how much they have grown. And no, it wasn’t easy, but that’s the part I like about this series, it shows just that! Not sure if I’m making much sense to people who haven’t read the books, but you’ll understand 😉

Pacing & Flow:

As I’ve said before, after catching up, we get right back into it, and it’s a veritable rollercoaster! Good balance between all the conversation (and there is quite a bit of that) and all the action.

The book itself:

The book is well written with no (noticeable to me) errors. There is sex described (if that is important to you).
It is 325 pages long, spread over 31 chapters and has different points of view (Fury, of course, being the main).

Final Thoughts:

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book, and all in all, I really enjoyed not only this book but the series overall. It has all the good things: humour, likeable characters, Hades (I mean, seriously! I want!) and enough facepalm moments to keep me going for a while. I cant wait to see what’s next in store for us!
If you’re looking for a good series about a strong, no damsel in distress heroine and her mates, pick this one up!