Review – Be Careful What You Witch For


Be Careful What You Witch For


Wishing For a Magical Midlife #1


Tee Harlowe


Paranormal Romance


I wish I could escape my past. But when it catches up to me, I don’t get to make the wishes—I have to grant them. Becoming a widow on my fortieth birthday was not what I had planned. Even worse? It’s forced me and my teenage daughter back to Whispering Willows and the life of magic I left behind. I tell myself it’ll be a short trip to sell my mother’s shop of wishes. Until I kind of, sort of bind myself to the shop. With bills piling up fast, I gotta do something I swore I never open shop and start granting wishes, just until I can figure out how to undo this pesky binding spell. It doesn’t help that the handsome mayor keeps tempting me with those kissable lips. Or that I have to hide from my daughter that magic is real. I wish I could leave my past behind, but in this line of work, I’ve learned one very important be careful what you wish for.


4stars rating

I actually really enjoyed this one! 😀
It was a nice change of pace and setting from my usual reads. Nice world-building with fun and relatable characters. While it may have dragged a bit in the middle, and has a main character who is very indecisive/switches directions like, omg. It was still well worth the read.
A witchy urban mystery, some romance… If you want to chill and read a nice and cozy book, this is it!

Recommended: Yes!