Review – Avalon Tower


Avalon Tower


Fey Spy Academy #1


C.N. Crawford & Alex Rivers




Avalon Spy Academy rules: spy on the fey, resist falling for your mentor, and try not to die in the process.

What I’m hoping for on my European vacation is to read books and drink champagne on the beach. Instead, I end up kidnapped by an arrogant, lethally sexy fey named Raphael.
It turns out, I have a magic power needed to fight an evil fey king. Next thing I know, Raphael has enrolled me in an elite spy academy. There, in the ancient and gothic halls of Avalon Tower, snobbery and brutal competitions are among the oldest traditions.
Making my job harder, the silver-eyed Raphael is my mentor. Romance is forbidden here–a distracted spy is a dead spy. So I need to push his dangerous allure out of my mind as we travel into the Fey realm. If we get captured by the fey king, we’ll die horrific deaths–and humanity won’t stand a chance.


4stars rating

These authors did it again! While it took me a minute to get hooked (totally my fault!), the story had me in its snares soon enough.

The premise was fantastic, the characters were awesome and well-developed, and the pacing was perfect – full of twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat!

The characters felt genuine and had great development. Raphael and Nia are an amazing pair (seriously, though, communication is key!). You can’t help but get emotionally invested in their hot and cold relationship. Oh, and I could totally picture the girls as a hilarious tour group bumbling through the city. They would be such a blast, well… except for Tana, who would just be mumbling about what happened at that location in the past.

I read an advanced reader copy and can honestly say it was a delightful and engaging read! But, oh man, those last few chapters – I need the next book ASAP!