Review – Asterion

Asterion book cover




The Court of the Underworld #1


Alessa Thorn


Paranormal Romance


The Labyrinth is a place of deals and desire, where the wealthy and dangerous play. Asterion’s word is law, and he rules the club and fighting arena with an iron fist. As a member of the Court of Styx, no one in Greece is willing to risk crossing him…well, almost no one.
Ariadne is an assassin, with no job too hard or too dirty. She’ll do anything to get revenge on her powerful, a-hole boss who murdered her sister and is keeping her in debt to him. When she receives the contract of her life, everything she’s ever wanted is in reach.
She only has to kill Asterion, the most dangerously sexy man she’s ever met, and piss off Hades in the process. No problem.


4stars rating

This book was such a pleasant surprise and really just what I needed!
I love mythology, and reading about gods and mythical creatures in the present day just makes me so damn happy 🙂

Character development:

Ariadne is a kick-ass assassin that has the scars to prove she knows her trade. She has a firm understanding of the world and is driven by revenge. Normally I’m not all for the heroine that can do everything herself, but ermm… assassin… she kinda has to or she would live very long, not in her world. So yeah, I really didn’t mind her taking care of things herself, it fit her.
Asterion, a sexy club owner and part of the Court of the Underworld. Have I told you yet he’s sexy? Fortunately for us, he’s also very caring (if a bit overbearing sometimes) and knows how to handle himself in a fight.

Pacing & Flow:

Very fluid, very nice pacing! There is a lot of action but not too much at once, well balanced with all the conversations and well… sex.

The book itself:

The book itself was well written with only a few errors here and there (but nothing that bothered me too much). There is sex described in this book (if that is important to you), I would give it a 4/5 heat level 😀
The book is 207 pages long, spread over 25 chapters and told from Ariadne’s and Asterion’s point of view.

Final Thoughts:

This book really was what the doctor ordered. It was an easy and entertaining read. Don’t think that because it only had 207 pages it was lacking in the worldbuilding or story department because it didn’t. We got enough information to just go with the flow and enjoy. Medusa is next and I can’t wait to get started on that one! 😀