Review – An Unseelie Understanding

An Unseelie Understanding book cover


An Unseelie Understanding



Amy Sumida


Reverse Harem


I became a fairy king’s plaything to save my sister.

I didn’t believe him when he told me he was the King of Unseelie, a powerful fairy who could cure my sister’s cancer. But I would have tried anything to save her. So, we formed an understanding; my sexual servitude in exchange for her life. And damn if he wasn’t telling the truth. The Unseelie King cured my sister then came to collect me as his prize. Now, I’m bound by magic to a powerful fairy and trapped in another realm, unable to escape even if I were able to make it past the leering knights and vicious courtiers. This world is strange, dangerous, and terrifying, and the man who calls himself my master embodies all of those things. But beneath his cruelty and callousness, I’ve glimpsed a tenderness that could be my salvation… if I can survive the pleasure of belonging to the Unseelie King.


2stars rating

Okay, I got to 47%, chapter 28, so it’s not like I didn’t give it a chance! But yeaaaaaaaaaaaah no 🙁

The blurb sounds interesting, the sample chapters went straight into it and so I bought the book and finally started it in earnest.

Let’s just go over my normal review routine…


Was decent, though the author didn’t really describe the environment we were in all that much, it was enough to get us going. We followed Riley through many landscapes and terrains and as such we got a bit of an idea about the lay of the land. All the different fae were interesting though, so points for that.

Character development:

Was pretty much non-existent. I think the only person who showed some personal growth was prince Trenton. Riley just seemed to be hopping from one guy to the next, getting feelings and moving on. And even then her feelings and emotions are never really touched upon, they just seem to be a given.

Pacing & Flow:

Were decent. The plot felt elusive, so can’t comment on that, but the story seemed to be moving at a fast pace.

The book itself:

In the part of the book I read, I found no (noticeable) errors.
I can’t really say I found it well written, as it wasn’t much more than sex in Faerie. A lot of sex, all of the time… and while I can honestly appreciate erotica, it felt near clinical. I wanted to feel the emotions, I wanted to know how it felt what they were doing and not just read glossed over descriptions.

Final Thoughts:

All in all… I looked forward to reading this and ended up really disappointed 🙁 Will I finish the book some other time? Maybe, I don’t know… Imho there are just many other (and better) books to be read instead.