Review – A Sword of Shadow and Deceit


A Sword of Shadow and Deceit


Mortal Gods #1


Lucinda Dark


Reverse Harem


Desperation makes warriors of captives.

The Gods split the skies and rained down tyranny upon the mortal realm long ago. Ever since then, the only thing worse than being human is being of Divine Blood.
For someone like me—an undocumented God child, indebted to the Underworld Assassination Guild—that means only one thing: A life in the shadows.
Or so it should have been … until Mortal Gods Academy. Until them.
The Darkhaven Brothers are truly the worst of all the Gods’ spawn. Arrogant. Wicked. Violent.
To them, I’m nothing more than a human plaything meant for torment. For me … they’re the path and the key to my freedom.
But if any of them find out who I am, what I am … even the shadows won’t be able to save me.


5stars rating

This book was an instant favorite! It had everything I love: fantastic worldbuilding (no info overload!), characters who felt real and complex, a gripping plot, and amazing writing.
Seriously, it’s one of the best reads I’ve had lately.

Kiera, our badass (and undiscovered Mortal God) assassin, is undercover at the Mortal Academy on a mysterious mission. She’s posing as a servant to three intriguing brothers—Kalix, Ruen, and Theos—each with many layers and secrets waiting to be unraveled. There’s way more to this Academy than meets the eye, and none of it is good!

The story keeps you hooked with its perfect pacing. Things are constantly happening, keeping you invested and falling into the rabbit hole alongside our main character.

There are some steamy scenes (hello, hot!), but they’re used sparingly and don’t overshadow the plot.

Heads up, though: this one ends on a major cliffhanger! While I get what and why, someone has some serious groveling to do in the next book!

I devoured this advanced reader copy in one sitting (it was 4 am… whoops!), and honestly, I’m kind of glad the sequel isn’t out yet, or I wouldn’t have slept a wink. I highly recommend this book!