Review – A Shade of Myself


A Shade of Myself


Magic After Midlife #4


Deborah Wilde


Urban Fantasy


Vanquisher of evil. Wrangler of offspring. Seriously in need of a coffee.
Life is happily bobbing along. My family and close friends support my magic and things are getting interesting with the wolf shifter. But smooth sailing turns to shark-infested waters when I plumb the dark depths of my past to investigate my parents’ last con.
Being chum was never on my bucket list.
In comparison, my new assignment should be easy: track down a demon to check a necklace for dark magic. Of course, nothing about demons is simple and I find myself forced to strike hard bargains with both demon hunters and an ancient vampire.
The farther out I drift seeking answers, the tighter I’m caught in a net of secrets, lies, and deadly revelations. And this time, I might not break free.
Just keep swimming …


4stars rating

I have to admit… when book 3 left me a bit hanging, I was pretty scared to start this one. But hell yeah, that was totally unwarranted cause this one was awesome!


These instalments follow each other up pretty rapidly, so you never have the feeling that you missed out on much. I mean, the only thing Miri has done was work on Tatiana’s memoirs. So yeah, we dive right back into the action, never feeling we have left. All the scenes and environments were clear and well detailed, ideal for total immersion!

Character development:

This instalment really questioned Miri’s quest for the truth. How far would she go, what would she do, etc. I think this one was a real eye-opener for her. And while she might not be the fittest among us, she is hella strong when it comes to her magic. Looking back over the different books, you come to realize how much she has grown and how much she has come into her own. I would read the books for that alone 😀 But then the author sweetens the deal with our grumpy (and pretty hot) wolf. Laurent is not a typical shifter; we already knew that, but sometimes I would like to shake some sense into him 😀 Seriously! But still, I guess that is part of his charm and why we like him so much. He feels real and not like a typical alpha male.
Characters should feel lifelike, and they should feel like it could be someone you know. They should have their own worries, hopes and dreams. And I can honestly say it feels like all the characters in the author’s books have this, not just the main character, but everyone.

Pacing & Flow:

As I’ve said before, we pretty much dive right into more action and the next chapter of discoveries for Miri.
There is an excellent balance between action and conversations, keeping the story moving forward. It kept my attention throughout the whole book.

The book itself:

The book was well written with no (noticeable) errors. There are sexual scenes described (if that is important to you).
It has 328 pages, spread over 29 chapters and is told from Miri’s point of view.

Final Thoughts:

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book, and all in all, I really liked it. Even with the touch of apprehension I had when starting it, it was soon replaced by blissful silence, the occasional snort/laugh, and my finger clicking my Kindle for the next page rather urgently.
Miri isn’t a typical heroine; hell, she’s 40! But she is so much fun to be around, and so is the whole cast… yes, even Zev 😀 Pick this one up!