Review – 2 Minutes to Midnight

2 Minutes to Midnight book cover


2 Minutes to Midnight


Midnight Trilogy #2


L.M. Hatchell


Urban Fantasy


Defeat the bad guy. Stop the prophecy. Live happily ever after.
That’s how it goes in the movies …
… Isn’t it?

Phoenix is quickly learning that life’s not like the movies, and with the prophecy time bomb still ticking, happily ever after isn’t on the cards for her. All the sacrifice was for nothing.
To make matters worse, the Council now know of her existence and they’re pissed.
When they deploy the Mists, their deadliest assassins, she has no choice other than to run.
They want her dead. She wants to live.
But what if there’s an alternative to death and destruction?


3stars rating

The story continues a little while after the first book ended and in this instalment we were moving around a lot (like omg a lot!), changing scenery and location while on the run. Great writing from the author to get us such a clear and detailed image of every scene so we knew exactly where the characters were and what they saw.

Character development:

Our group was still reeling from the events at the end of the previous book. Phoenix was still mourning her parents while Lilly was mourning her sister. When the Council took action against Phoenix, they needed to get the hell out of there.
Something I don’t understand though is why Phoenix never searched for someone to train her. Surely there must have been books if they couldn’t risk anyone finding out about her?
At least she’s sensible enough to realise that she couldn’t do this on her own, even if meant someone else gets hurt.
I was really happy to know more about Ethan’s past and the pack he came from, though I’m sure there is a lot more information that we could get in the last book of the series 🙂
Unfortunately, the other characters, Abi, Lilly, Shade and Nate still felt very flat 🙁 They were there and they participated, but I just couldn’t connect with them 🙁

Pacing & Flow:

I have to admit, I struggled through it 🙁 It felt pretty slow (which was not necessarily a bad thing since stuff needed to happen, but it just took too long), and it couldn’t demand my full attention for longer periods of time.
That said, the pace picked up in the last part of the book, and I really did enjoy that faster pace a lot more.

The book itself:

The book was well written with no (noticeable) errors.
It’s 274 pages long, spread over 45 chapters and told from various points of view (mostly Phoenix and Darius).

Final Thoughts:

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book and while the book had all the elements needed and it was an enjoyable read, the slow pacing and flat characters meant that it unfortunately just couldn’t really grab my attention.